Product information: 
Our service of high flowing a turbocharger involves re-profiling of both compressor and turbine housings in use with a brand new core with larger steel made compressor and turbine wheels.

High flowed turbocharger is capable of producing more power, handling greater amount of boost with better reliability.

This service can be applied to a range of turbochargers including the following models:
T25 .49 / .63 CA18det, RB26dett, VG30dett
T25G .64 SR20det
T28 .64 / .86 SR20det S14 S15
T3 .46 / .56 / .63  RB2xdet, RB30det, VG30det
CT26, CT15b Toyota 6/4cyc engine
CT12a CT20 Toyota 6/4cyc engine
IHI RHF5 Subaru WRX Legacy
Hitachi T3x Land cruiser
Out come STD PU
T25 .49 GTR 280HP


T25 .63 300ZX 300HP


T25G / T28 .64   320HP 450HP
T28 .86 330HP 450HP
T3 .46 (RB25 xIU) 430HP 500HP
T3 .58 (RB25 OP6) 450HP


T3 .63 (RB/VG 30) 450HP 500HP
CT26, CT15b 450HP  
CT12a, CT20 250HP  
Hitachi T3x 350HP 400HP
How does this service work:
Job has to be either dropped off in person or delivered to our Po.Box.

The turn around time required is roughly 3 working days, invoice will be sent upon the completion of the job, payment is required prior dispatch.

Please note some models do require additional oil / water lines to work, which we can supply common models at additional cost.

Return shipping is not included in the sales price. Postage is roughly $30 depends on weight and destination location.

Condition of the donor turbo.
Donor turbo can be blown, with broken fins, or damaged wheels. Cracked housings depending on the extend of damage has to be repaired prior profiling. Clients will be informed if repairing work is required, quotes will be given before additional work taking places.
Key benefit:
360 degrees Thrust bearing
Inconel steel wheel and shaft
Suitable for High Boost applications
Product Goal:
High Responds, High Torque.
Long life time.
OEM Bolton
12 Month unlimited KM warranty comes with all of our turbochargers.

Warranty voids if failure caused from Installation faults, Oil starvation, Operational faults or object damages.

Popular models with details:

Nissan Rb25DET T3x

Holden VL Turbo RB30 Turbo
Toyota CT15B Turbocharger
Nissan T25 T28 Turbocharger 
Nissan GTR T25 Turbocharger
Toyota CT20 Turbocharger
Toyota CT20 Diesel Turbocharger
Toyota CT12A Turbocharger
Subaru WRX / Legacy RHF5
M35 Stagea turbocharger